Dear Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left.
Signed, Liam Byrne

(Outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury. May 2010)

Monday, 1 March 2010

A Bank Holiday for David.

Today is March 1st - Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, St David's Day.

St David is the Patron Saint of Wales.

The government's website tells us that different parts of Britain have different arrangements for Bank Holidays.

The people of Northern Ireland are indeed fortunate.
In Northern Ireland, there are ten permanent bank holidays - the same eight as in England and Wales, plus St Patrick's Day and the Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.
Scotland has, at first glance, one fewer, but additional Bank Holidays can be arranged locally.
There are nine statutory bank holidays across the whole of Scotland. There are also other public or local holidays which can be determined by local authorities, based on local tradition. Since 2007, St Andrew's Day has been an alternative, voluntary public holiday, which can replace an existing local holiday.
The situation in England and Wales is certainly less than equal.
There are currently eight permanent bank holidays in England and Wales
Despite representation, despite petitions, and despite 'equality' laws, the current government has steadfastly refused to allow the people of England and Wales to take a day off work to celebrate the life of their Patron Saint.

We Rigbys spent many happy years in North Wales, and even took the time to learn the fantastically expressive and melodic language, but sadly the skill is more than a little rusty now - but we can still sing the National Anthem.

Join in, if you can, if not then enjoy the words and scenery of God's beautiful country.

Here are the words.
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi,
Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri;
Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mad,
Tros ryddid collasant eu gwaed.

Cytgan (Chorus)
Gwlad, gwlad, pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad,
Tra môr yn fur
I'r bur hoffbau,
O bydded i'r heniaith barhau.
(repeat chorus to sing along with this YouTube, do not continue)
Hen Gymru fynyddig, paradwys y bardd,
Pob dyffryn, pob clogwyn, i'm golwg sydd hardd;
Trwy deimlad gwladgarol, mor swynol yw si
Ei nentydd, afonydd, i mi.

Cytgan (Chorus)

Os treisiodd y gelyn fy ngwlad dan ei droed,
Mae hen iaith y Gymry mor fyw ag erioed,
Ni luddiwyd yr awen gan erchyll law brad,
Na thelyn berseiniol fy ngwlad.

Cytgan (Chorus)

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus i bawb !


patently said...

Ah ... but all the nations within our Nation are equal. I suppose that we must conclude that some are more equal than others?

Mrs Rigby said...

It does look as if some people are allowed to be equal, others not.