Dear Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left.
Signed, Liam Byrne

(Outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury. May 2010)

Monday, 19 April 2010

Politicians and personalities

Iain Dale tells us nobody should say nasty things about Mr Clegg. He says
"Personal attacks on Nick Clegg will not work. They will backfire on those who make them and rightly so. Everyone who knows Nick Clegg likes him. He's a transparently likeable individual. Anyone trying to make out that he's anything else will come a cropper."
He says this because an article in the Mail refers to Mr Clegg's ancestral mix.

Oddly, nobody has objected to comments that the Queen is German (which she isn't, although her great great grandfather Prince Albert was indeed German). Nobody has objected to those claiming Boris Johnson is Russian (which he isn't, although his great grandfather was Turkish). All these things are allowed to be said, but we mustn't criticise anybody who's been in the country for four or five years and has successfully claimed British citizenship and got a shiny new passport to prove it.

Mrs Rigby doesn't care if Mr Clegg is a nice sort of chap, she doesn't care if he's got lots of friends and is a good actor (which helped him in that debate) and she does agree with Iain Dale when he says
let's stick to analysing LibDem policies and exposing the flaws in their ideas. And you never know, they might do the same with us, and stop the personal attacks on David Cameron. One can live in hope.
The last two sentences are the point.

There doesn't seem any point any more in being nice, nobody likes the nice guy any more, everybody in Britain seems to prefer scoundrels or shouty people who shove others aside and get their own way.

British people have, traditionally, been known for their reserve, for being slow to boil, slow to react, but those sort of British people are being shoved aside by the new breed of Brits who can shove, push and shout their way to getting 'their rights' whilst trampling on everybody else - and especially by trampling on the people who go to work and earn money and pay taxes.

We've also seen, time and time again, that thugs get let off by the courts, because they say they'll try hard to be good, but that nice Mr Smith down the road gets a hefty fine for putting his bin in the wrong place and, because his pension has been messed up by government policies, he'll quietly pay his fine and go without eating proper food while he tries to balance his personal budget - he won't make a fuss.

If the Tories want to win this election they're going to have to start shouting, they're going to have to start proving they''ll stand up for the decent people of this country - and they're going to have to start doing it very soon, otherwise they will lose, and this will be the last election where being Tory will count for anything at all.

If the Tories don't win by a sizeable majority the Lib Dems will pal up with Labour and form a coalition.

Mrs Rigby believes that the first thing this coalition will do is change the voting system. They won't undo any of the thousands of oppressive new laws, they won't dismantle any of the databases, they'll change the electoral system - because that's the most important problem facing the British people at the moment.

Some bloggers are saying "Vote Yellow get Brown".

Mrs R thinks they're absolutely right - but Brown, don't forget, is Red, Communist Red, Socialist Red.

It's solely because of the chance of this coalition and the long term implications for Britain that makes Mrs R think about voting Tory, but she hasn't quite decided yet.

She's waiting for somebody to start shouting, to start shouting about things that matter to her and her family, to start shouting about giving us back the rights and freedoms that have been quietly removed in the last 13 years, she wants somebody to start shouting about 'reform' that is a regressive 'reform' - to undo damage and get Britain back on its' feet and give British people back their pride and purpose.


Uncle Marvo said...

Vote Tory or on your head be it.

They're not ideal, not for a long time either, since they went up the middle, but we are going nowhere until we sort out the last 13 years of carnage wreaked upon us by the devil himself and his sons.

I don't mean Blair or Brown. They're just the sons.

And pass the ammunition.

Mrs Rigby said...

Whatever the outcome of the election, ordinary Brits are likely to be losers. If the Tories win then the unions and their chums will probably organise a few riots and lots of marches. The mob will rule, not government.

Uncle Marvo said...

The mob can't do much worse.

Mrs Rigby said...

Maybe not, but I don't fancy the idea of me or mine being caught up in it. This time round they're less likely to contain the trouble within the confines of housing estates.