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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Power2010 update.

Power2010 is being updated. The site says
Sorry, we are currently changing our site.
For good.
Here's the latest email, dated 24th February.
After 4,500 submissions and more than 100,000 votes, I'm pleased to announce the POWER Pledge:

1) Introduce a proportional voting system.

2) Scrap ID cards and roll back the database state.

3) Replace the House of Lords with an elected chamber.

4) Allow only English MPs to vote on English laws.

5) Draw up a written constitution.

To sign the POWER Pledge you don't have to agree with all five reforms. You need only be in favour of a majority of the ideas - and a reforming Parliament that will act on them.

This is your manifesto for a better Britain - thank you so much for your help and support.

Now we need to let the politicians know we're serious - click here to sign the POWER Pledge and add your name to our call for change.

We couldn't have come this far without your support - and we'll continue to need it - but POWER2010 is growing.

If you haven't already, you'll soon hear from one of our regional organisers. They'll be taking the POWER Pledge out to the whole country.

We're fully staffed and will be launching a huge campaign - this is your moment to change politics. For good.

Thank you, and best wishes,

Pam Giddy
According to Man in a Toque though, this email might not be quite true, because Toque noticed this post by Dave Rickard referring to the topic that came fourth :-
So ‘English Votes on English Laws’ (EVoEL) duly made it into the list of the top-five proposals for political reform that were to form the basis of the ‘Power 2010 Pledge’, which all candidates at the election were going to be asked to support. Thanks to everyone who supported it. Except that this Pledge now appears to have been unexpectedly transformed into a commitment to back only a majority (at least three) of the reforms. As EVoEL finished fourth in the poll, this has understandably led some to conclude that Power 2010 has tried to ‘fix’ the result in such a way as to sideline EVoEL, just as – some allege – its political allies tried to fix the vote itself to try to bump EVoEL out of the top five. Rather unfortunate, in this context, that Power 2010 has now adopted the phrase ‘let’s fix it, not fiddle it’ as its tag line, with the ambiguity of the word ‘fix’ that will surely provoke mockery. .....
Please read both blogs to learn more, these folks are for more erudite than Mrs R - who, if this is true, is a little disappointed to be honest.

She sent people over to Power2010 hoping their voices would be heard, and can guess that others did the same because, well, because.

There's the thing about changing the voting system, which Labour suddenly thought was a good idea when they got worried about a FPTP result, and wanted to cosy up to other parties in case of a hung parliament, and suddenly thousands of other people agreed with them -  and oddly, benefit from a FPTP ballot!

The site's bound to be back up again soon, and we'll see what they have to say.
David Rickard @ Open Democracy


Guy Aitchison (power2010) said...

Hi Rigby,

Pam Giddy, director of Power2010, has responded to some of these concerns on the Power2010 blog:

Activists will be asking candidates to commit to all five reforms, including English votes, and the campaign will be lobbying vigorously for all give

Mrs Rigby said...

Thanks for that, and for the link.

Not many people know about the blog, and wouldn't be able to find it because the site linked through the button is still "offline"