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Signed, Liam Byrne

(Outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury. May 2010)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Misogyny in the Metropolis.

Some things you read in the media make you shudder.
Here was a man of powerful appetites. And dangerous if denied them. Most damning of all, perhaps, were the transcripts of telephone messages [he] left to an [...] ex-lover, Mandy Darougheh.

She had dumped him having discovered he was married, to his second wife Natalie. His reaction, left on her voicemail, was recorded ... 'I will take such revenge from you, that like a dog, you will be sorry that you will never treat me like this again,' he declared.

'Mandy, I am going to declare war on you and I have declared it as of now. See what I will do to you. From now on you are dead. I will start with your mum first. I am so emotionally disturbed now that anything is possible from me.

'I give you an hour and see what I will do to you. If you think I am worried about my career, to get back at you, you must be joking.

'Just remember what I did to ******'s (name unknown) husband. You are not safe. I am going to come and catch you, on my mother's life. If you are at home, get out because if I see you, I am going to lose it right now.

'You want war, bitch, you're going to get some war. You will see now what I can do so you will cry for years. First I will start with your family, then I come to you and your reputation. I will spread all over London that you are a prostitute.'

Even his barrister, Michael Mansfield QC, had to admit during arguments not heard by the jury: 'No police officer, no human being, should be talking like that. We all make mistakes, but it's unacceptable.'
It seems that this man was lucky because
..... the jury did not see these transcripts
The man who issued these threats is one time Commander of the Metropolitan Police, Ali Dizaei - who will be spending the next two years in Wandsworth Prison, having been found guilty of "Misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice" after he "... attacked Waad al-Baghdadi [a web designer to whom he owed £600] before arresting and attempting to frame him for assault". The pity is that "he seems certain to appeal against conviction," but at least he won't be able to rely on this chap.

Nobody is 'all bad' though, it seems Mr Dizaei, a Muslim, might not be a fan of the burqa :
When Dizaei's office was searched, photos were found of him with a lap dancer taken during a National Black Police Association jaunt to Canada. The woman was wearing his police hat and her breasts were out. Dizaei was wearing his police shirt.


418 said...

What was Ali Dizaei doing in the National Black Police Association? He's not black. And what was the National Black Police Association doing in Canada? Why Canada; why not closer to home? How much public money was spent junketing?

Mrs R said...

I haven't a clue, maybe it's because he's not white and there are many shades of black. Apparently anybody can join NPBA these days, even honkeys.

As for why Canada - don't know that either, but I bet the aeroplane seats were comfy - much more comfortable than video-conferencing.

Addicted to exclamation marks said...

"Apparently anybody can join NPBA [sic] these days, even honkeys."

You mean 'NBPA', shureley, and 'honkies'! Try to keep off the sherry, my dear.

Word verification for this one is 'mulab'!

Mrs R said...

@ Addicted - thanks for spotting the typo.

Not so sure about the 'ies' though, using the same forumla we'd end up with donkies and monkies ...

w/v is a mystery, so often almost topical isn't it?