Dear Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left.
Signed, Liam Byrne

(Outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury. May 2010)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Brown wants Lib Dems to vote Labour.

And meanwhile, in the Guardian, Mr Brown asks Lib Dems living in 'marginal constituencies' to vote Labour.

He says
Those in Labour-Tory marginals should back us if they want to see real reform and keep alive the ideals of the good society
Thirteen years wasn't long enough, was it?

Not enough time to 'eradicate poverty', not enough time to bring in 'voting reform', not enough time to 'reform public services and ensure diversity', not enough time to take proper care of the 'most vulnerable in our society'.

Makes you wonder what they actually did during those thirteen long years because, as Captain Ranty suggests, almost everybody has been targetted by Labour at some point or other. Take a look at the list.
Drivers-overtaxed, and told they are bad people. Penalised for choosing vehicles that are fit for purpose.

Drinkers-overtaxed and all are punished for the misdeeds of a few.

Smokers- massively overtaxed, shunned, ejected, victimised, denormalised, and criminalised.

The employed
-massively overtaxed, with more pain to come.

Fatties-just because.

The unemployed-lazy bastards. Five million will not work. (Not can't, but won't)

-how dare you take pictures. Bloody terrorists.

Shoppers-we need to watch you lot. All the time and everywhere you go.

Envirocrims-garden bonfire? No slopbucket in the kitchen? Fly off on holiday? Bastards.

Climate change deniers-AKA scum de jour. Brussels are preparing a law to catch you filth.

Free speechers-more than three is now a mob. An unruly mob. Ask a question of any politician and you are out, old son. Hold a protest or wave your signs and we will despatch a S.W.A.T team to kick you around. We may even kill some of you. No-one will be punished for your wrongful death.

NHS users-leeches. Every one of you. Your treatment is now conditional. If we don't like your ailment, you're not coming in.

Our children-they snatch them at will. Those that get hurt/abused/murdered somehow "fall through the net". Those that fail in their responsibilities are usually free to go. No blame attached, although "lessons will be learned". Deep joy.

Our oldsters-worked all your life? Saved hard? We'll have that money, thank you. And we'll treat you like shit. We'll help ourselves to your savings, when you are alive, or when you are dead. It matters not to us. You do not deserve any dignity. We bled you dry now fuck off, do the decent thing and die.

Air Transportation users-how very dare you! Planes are nasty, belching beasts (unless we, the elected, use them) so we will make travel a tortuous event. It will be most unpleasant. Jobsworths will abound, and we will take your stuff off you for no sensible reason.
CR misses out people who live in rural areas, who have seen public transport, post offices, shops and schools disappear, whilst they've been the targets of political spite - because they live somewhere pretty.

Do read the rest of Captain Ranty's post, and see the analysis of party policies. It's worth it.

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