Dear Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left.
Signed, Liam Byrne

(Outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury. May 2010)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Territorial Army loses out to FairTrade

On 10th October the FairTrade organisation carried an article announcing this
The Fairtrade Foundation is celebrating 15 years of the FAIRTRADE Mark with news that the UK Government is to provide £12 million over the next four years in funding to Fairtrade and its international partners
On 10th October our newspapers report this
The Territorial Army has been told to stop training for six months to save millions of pounds from the Army’s budget because of growing financial pressure on the Ministry of Defence.
Mrs Rigby notes that the Ministry of Defence carries no article referring to the cuts, nor does it carry any recent article referring to the well-known fact that members of the Territorial Army are being used on operations overseas, alongside the regular Army.

The Mirror is pretty annoyed :-
Britain's part-time soldiers will be at risk in battle after devastating cuts to the Territorial Army's training budget, experts warned last night.
In a desperate drive to save money, defence chiefs have ordered £6.4million a year to be saved. They have even axed live firing on ranges for the TA.
Just two weeks ago, a TA soldier was shot dead in Afghanistan while guarding his base.
Mrs Rigby knows that her comment about this is late, but put alongside last night's little announcement that bits of England are up for sale to the highest bidder it all smacks of Britain being a "posh coat and no drawers" country.

The British Government is giving FairTrade more than twice the amount that the TA needs - and that money will have been either borrowed or will be fresh off the printing presses as a result of 'Quantitative Easing'.

Brown and his chum Darling know we can't afford overseas aid - but they don't care any more. They know that by sometime next year they're unlikely to be in charge of anything governmental, so it doesn't matter.

Brown seems determined to pretend that Britain is rich. He prances around the world stage telling everybody who'll listen that we're well-off. He tells them that his policies have staved off recession and to prove it he has to send loads of money overseas.

But, surely it's all a long-term con. They know their speeches will be on record for all to see, and so will the proof of their largesse. They're sure to refer to all this once another party holds the reins and has to do the mopping-up exercise and try to find realistic ways of paying the burgeoning bills - including those currently concealed by creative accounting and PFI.

When is Brown going to realise that there's no news blackout? When is he going to realise that the rest of the world knows very well what's happening in Britain and is sniggering behind their curtains?

Brown and Darling refuse to even think about cutting benefit payments. They daren't, because if they did the bubble would burst and the idle would have to think before they spend - and when that happens they get angry and march on Parliament, at least they did last time and managed to bring down a government.

So what does our Labour government do? It tells the world our Army is underfunded, and proves it by shutting down our reservist training - neither of which are particularly clever things to do when you're fighting a war. Then Government announces that it's going to sell off bits of the country, whilst also thinking of new money-raking scams such as fining people up to £1,000 for putting dirty rubbish in the bin.

The country is beginning to feel a bit like a sale at a decaying big house - one that's being sold off to pay death duties. Some are viewing the crumbling remains with dismay, a little surprised by the trash and soiled linen that's up for sale, whilst others are picking over the spoils of our once-wealthy nation, hoping to pick up a bargain that will eventually line their own pockets.

Britain was once rich. Britain was once proud. Labour has destroyed our pride. Labour has spent the country's money.

Labour policies have quietly stoked the flames of dissent, whilst ordering us to be 'inclusive' and introducing draconian laws that stifle free speech - except for the favoured and sometimes violent few who mustn't be upset. Social policies have split the country into warring factions. Labour has encouraged a culture of envy, greed and spite, whilst hiding behind a smokescreen of tolerance and equality.

Labour has encouraged an apologist state, one that denies the good in our past. Britons are ordered to welcome the diversity of incoming hordes, rather than encourage newcomers to assimilate, acknowledge and respect not only our language but also our own rich history and culture. A culture that Labour has done its utmost to dilute - claiming those who cling to our tattered banners are either racist or xenophobic.

Labour, when it eventually falls from power, will leave Britain resembling a dying lion, our proud national beast. Rather like a dead lion Britain will quietly succumb to the circling vultures who care only for themselves.

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