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Monday, 14 September 2009

ISA - safeguarding children from adult "children"?

Mrs Rigby read a post on Witterings from Witney about the "Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006" and how it would affect the writer ... who lives in sheltered accommodation so is classed as "vulnerable" yet would need to register for clearance because they are a driver for "vulnerable" people.
So we have the ludicrous situation whereby I, as a 'vulnerable adult', living amongst 'vulnerable adults' and driving 'vulnerable adults' must, as a 'vulnerable adult', submit myself for checking to enable me to continue my work with 'vulnerable adults'!
Mrs R wonders how the new Independent Safeguarding Authority will react to children who are still in school past the age of 18, and therefore come into daily contact with those younger than themselves who are not considered "adult" in our law.

It happens quite often - all that it needs is a child to be born in September making them the oldest of their school year group. They reach their majority at the beginning of their last year at school, can vote, but can't leave full time education until they've taken their final A-level exams the following summer.

During that year they could all too easily mix with younger children, especially if they attend a school that takes children aged 11-18.

How will government deal with this anomaly - of having young adults mixing with children, some of whom will be classed as "vulnerable" because of various disabilities - adhd, dyslexia etc.? The new regulations say that all adults who come into "formal" contact with children must pay their money and register.

Attending school is a formal arrangement, it is a legal requirement. The government put in place legislation that forces children to stay in education until the age of 18 ... those entering secondary school in 2008 were the first.

Was there also a statutory instrument to ensure that they are CRB checked the moment they hit 18?

Just a thought.

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