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(Outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury. May 2010)

Monday, 1 June 2009

Al Jalom's compares MP expenses by party.

Discovered via Dick Puddlecote, Mrs Rigby was interested to read the end result of Al Jalom's weekend endeavours.

He has done some number magic with the expenses claimed by the "Top Hundred Troughers". Mrs R thinks it's worth reading.

Here's an extract or two :
Of the top 100 Commons troughers,
  • 62% are Labour MPs (against 54.1% of 646 parliamentarians)
  • 21% are Conservative MPs (against 29.9% of 646 parliamentarians)
  • 15% are Lib Dem MPs (against 9.8% of 646 parliamentarians)
  • 2% are other (against 6.2% of 646 parliamentarians) (% figure corrected)

  • Labour MPs are the biggest troughers taking 55.8% of allowances paid, while having 55.1% of MPs in the mix here.
  • Conservative, while still in the same league are the least trougherous, taking 29.5% of allowances, amongst 30.4% of MPs in the mix here.
  • This means Tory MPs cost, on average, about £5500 less than Labour MPs, and almost £9000 less than Lib Dems.

Of the top 50 troughing MPs

  • 33 are Labour MPs (66% against 54.1% of 646 parliamentarians)
  • 10 are Conservative MPs (20% against 29.9% of 646 parliamentarians)
  • 7 are Lib Dem MPs (14% against 9.8% of 646 parliamentarians)
There is other mathematical and statistical wizardry, and Al Jalom says he might revisit the data and work out some more.

Interesting stuff, don't you think?

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