Dear Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left.
Signed, Liam Byrne

(Outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury. May 2010)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Line painting - Fail

Spotted in the news:-

"A council has admitted workers painted a warning sign outside a nursey school despite it closing 10 years ago.
The yellow zig-zag "school keep clear" sign has been painted in Aberdeen at St Peter's Nursery in The Spital"
You'd think it was a bit careless, wouldn't you? Especially as

"The work - costing about £200 - was carried out despite the building being boarded up."

"An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: "Staff have been instructed to check orders for all outstanding works to ensure they are still required."
Outstanding work?

Ten years!

Mrs R shakes her head and mumbles into her coffee.

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