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(Outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury. May 2010)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Haiti earthquake - charitable donations

Haiti is in a mess, the country has been flattened by a terrible earthquake. They aren't capable of helping themselves so it's up to us, and people like us, to do a little bit to help the searchers, rescuers and aid-givers.

To find out how bad it is read the posts on Haitian Blogger here and here, read this article in this article at Global Voices or watch the news on the television.

There are also pictures on the Red Cross Flickr site or mashable or marvinady's twitpic. Few of the pictures are nice, some show things some people would rather not look at.

No matter how good our intentions, there isn't much we can do via a computer apart from adding to the list of commiserations on newspaper sites or giving some cash that will be funnelled to the right place.

So, having read Salted Slug's post about Haiti, we Rigbys thought about it for a bit and then decided to follow the lead of newspapers, including the Metro and the Times, and put together a little list of organisations that will take money that can be used to help. It isn't an exhaustive list, there are other organisations that will take money and send it to the right place.

If there really isn't any spare cash because it's half way through January, it's good to remember that many organisations have charity shops where they sell things to raise money - so it's worth checking out your High Street, where you'll be able to buy or donate things, both of which will help swell the coffers.

The Disasters Emergency Committee is co-ordinating the money raising appeal. The DEC site is - here

Here are a few individual charities, listed in alphabetical order. Links to donation pages on each site are very obvious.

ActionAid UK - here
ActionAgainstHunger UK - here
British Red Cross - here
CAFOD - here
CareInternational UK - here
Christian Aid UK - here
IslamicRelief UK - here
Médecins Sans Frontières - here
MuslimAid - here
MuslimHands UK - here
Oxfam UK - here
Save the Children UK - here
SearchDogFoundation - here
Tearfund - here
UNICEF UK - here
WorldFoodProgramme - here
WorldJewishRelief - here
WorldVision UK - here
WSPCA (animals) - here

Via Subrosa.

This, from FBI

It seems that no matter how often people are told about emails and so on there's always the gullible one out there to click on a link. We Rigbys detest scammers, especially those that  try to make themselves some money during a crisis.

In the UK you must be accredited by a charity before you can collect on their behalf. Here's some advice from Wigan.

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